Exterior Wall Sconces

Exterior Wall Sconces are designed to provide up and down illumination. This adds to ascetics in the evening and overnight hours. Built with the best die-casting aluminum alloy, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation material overing outstanding durability.

Help first responders locate a office or home by placing these fixtures above or below the address on the front of the building. Aid first responders in finding the right location when it seconds matter. Read why it matters here: https://www.albertsonfire.org/the-importance-of-welllit-house-numbers

Exterior Wall Sconces are available in white or black for 10W or 20W and 3000K or 5000K. Black sconces are also available in 25W 3000K. Nickle fixtures are available in 10W 3000K or 5000K and 20W 3000K.


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